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About Us

Scotland in Picture was started by Allan Wilson, an experienced photographer, in the summer of 2007.

It was founded on the idea that Scotland has so much more to offer than the hills and glens that dominate most of the country. Although Scotland has a rich history surrounding it, it also has a new young vibe unearthing within its towns and cities.

Our aim is to unleash and exploit this new side of Scotland for the world to see how much the country has to offer in a new era.

Our chief photographer Allan Wilson has worked with image making all of his life. Allan started out is career in the television industry as a cameraman where he has been involved in creating beautiful moving images for dramas, documentaries and commercials. Some of his credits include Doctors, As Time Goes By and Everest Beyond the Limit. He decided that he wanted a career that would move him closer to his roots and keep him near his family. Scotland in Pictures was then born.

We want to create high quality images that promote Scotland to the world as we love our homeland and want everyone else to share in the beauty and passion that makes Scotland one of a kind.